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Disinfecting Java Moss

Was reading on the Plant Fac (by Erik Olson) about disinfecting plants.
The fac cautioned, "This method can kill your plants, so use only as a
last resort against hell algae." Will Java Moss tolerate bleach (19
parts water to one part bleach)?  The post suggested soaking up to 2
mins. Is potassium permangenate a less caustic treatment? I have some
Java Moss that is covered in hair algae and I to want salvage it. Java
moss is hard to come by in my area and I don't want to lose it.

I have an break of hair algae is in a new tank setup (Two months) and am
trying to slow it down. The hair algae is the soft long stringy type.
The tank is small and planted with Anacharis  and Java Moss.  The
Anacharis  is sending down roots and is really growing well (No viable
algae).  The Java Moss is covered in Hair Algae and growth has slowed
down.  The water is crystal clear. Some of the gravel has hair Algae as
does the corners of the tank.  I have been changing 25% of the water
each week.

My plan is to disinfect the plants, tank and top layer of gravel.  I
will keep the water and filter and bottom layer of gravel and add more
plants. Would appreciate any information on disinfecting the Java Moss.
Thank you.
Doug Martin