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Added info on Fertilizing Q

Dear all,

It seems it doesn't take much to get off on the wrong foot!  I forgot to 
mention that I do have CO2 via compressed tank with ph controller.  
Currently, my PH (Sandpoint ph controller) is at 7.0, GH (Tetra) is at 3.5, 
KH (Tetra) is at 6.5, NO3 (Tetra) is at 0 ppm (next reading is at 12.5), CO2 
(Lamotte) is at 19.5 ppm, Fe is at .1 ppm - .2 ppm on the Dupla test kit and 
.1 ppm on the Red Sea kit, and the PO4 (Dupla) is at .1 ppm or less.

The GH has been very stable for several month.  The KH dropped from 8 to 
6.5 in a months time.  This could be due to my inconsistent methods of 
buffering my water.  It comes from a well at about 3 - 3.5, so I started to 
buffer it a little with baking soda to keep the PH from dropping too quickly. 
 One think I just noticed.  I have a couple of small freshwater clams and one 
just died.  I usually change the water every 3 - 5 day (about 15 - 20 
gallons).  Plant growth had been good up until this point.  My tank is very 
heavily planted.