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Re: FIUGF! Fertilized Inactive UGF plate??? a bit long :-(

If you search the APD archives and the krib you'll find similar ideas
floating around. Here is my experience:

I use a system very similar to the one you proposed. The difference is that 
I don't use the PVC pipes, just the normal transparent vertical raiser tube
that came with the plate. The tube was slightly extended so its opening
protrudes above the water level. It's almost invisible. I add my PMDD drops 
into this tube instead of directly into the water column. I also use an 
airline tube connected with a drip irrigation valve to the filter return to 
feed a very small water flow into the pipe. I did set up this system mostly 
for the sake of experimentation and because I did happen to have the UGF plate 
sitting around anyway. I had a "theoretical" point of view about the subject 
much like yours, so why not experiment with the idea ? Unfortunately I cannot 
tell what difference such a system makes in practice because I have only one
planted aquarium and nothing to compare with. The aquarium is doing pretty 
well for the past 6 months or so (it was set up about 10 months ago), but I 
think such manipulations of the substrate should prove their usefulness, or 
lack thereof, only in the long run. Maybe 3 years from now I'll report back 
on how things are going :-)

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD