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potassium permanganate safety

Before you get some potassium permanganate, you might be interested in the safety issues related to it.  I thought of getting some for plant cleaning purposes until a fellow 'fish club' member warned me about it.

An exerpt from the following page:
Strong oxidants may explode when shocked, or if exposed to heat, flame, or friction. Also may act as initiation source for dust or vapor explosions. Contact with oxidizable substances may cause extremely violent combustion. Sealed containers may rupture when heated. Sensitive to mechanical impact."

"Another thing to consider:
Because Potassium Permanganate, the chemical used to regenerate a iron & sulfur filter is a poison, filter regeneration water cannot be discharged to the open ground, open tanks, or any where other than a sanitary drainage system(I.E. a city sewer or to a septic tank)."