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Getting rid of BBA

Sylvia wrote:

>So, in desperation, I ask, has anyone fought this battle and won? I was 
>advised to toss the plants, bleach, bleach and more bleach in the tank 
(obviously with the fish removed). And when the tank is sterile of algae
>(and all else), resume operations. This seems a rather drastic step, >which I'd 
>rather not resort to unless absolutely necessary.

Hi Sylvia-

Yeah, I've fought that battle and won.  I don't know WHY I won, though!
When I first added plants to my tank, I didn't have enough light, and I
wasn't adding fertalizer or CO2.  When I upped the lighting, and started
adding iron, I got the most horrific explosion of BBA.   Black mollies
alone made no dent whatsoever. So I searched the archives, and tried all
the stuff I found there.  I tried taking everything out one piece at a
time and giving it all a hydrogen peroxide bath, and trimmed off all the
BBA I could.  It came off the driftwood pretty easily after the peroxide
soak.  But a week later, it was evident that the stuff wasn't convinced
to go away.  So I stood in front of the tank, and took out one thing at
a time again, and soaked it all in a weak bleach bath, and picked off
what I could, and put it all back in again.  I uprooted plants, and
soaked them too. That same day, I doubled the amount of light on the
tank, and added DIY CO2 and 4 SAE and MANY more plants. The java moss
and java ferns all survived, but until there was new growth, they were
not too attractive. I stopped with the iron fertalizer, and got a more
complete one.  And the BBA just disappeared. All visable algae has been
gone for months.  

Every tank I have set up has gone through BBA, and I haven't since that
first tank done a thing about it.  It seems to right itsself after a
brief but tremendously ugly time. And I think the SAE's have a major
impact.  I can't tell you about any other types of fish because I
haven't tried any.

Don't give up!