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Seachem's Equilibrium

Sent an e-mail to Greg Morin.  Asked him the following:

1. Product is packed in solid.  I have to scrape it to get any out. 
2. Product is patchy.  Patches of white mixed in with pathes of beige.
3. I added the recommended amount to 20 gallons of water (2 tablespoons)
to get 3kGH.  I added an additonal 2 teaspoons to try and get an
additional 1dGH.  I measured the final water one day later and the
Aquarium Pharms kit measured ~7dGH (7 drops in 5ml of solution).
4. There seems to be some undissovled material (beige colored) lining
the inside of my garbage can.  Not good, as I also use this garbage can
for unaltered RO water that is later put into 5 gallons jugs for
top-off.  So, I'm going to have to scour this can clean.

Also, using the LaMotte low iron test kit, I get ~.6ppm.  The only
things I added to the RO water were Alkaline Buffer, Equilibrium. 
Normally, I've not had any weirdness from Seachem products.

I'd like some input from the group on Equilibrium and my findings.


Kelly Beard (That's "Mr." to you!), Cat IV