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Re: Re: ADA system: my speculations (very long msg.)

Most of the time I just sit back and  read the post to this list, but this
is one subject that I have experience in. I have been living in Japan over
five years and I have been using ADA's products for over 3 years. The
problem with ADA's products is poor distribution and information. I don't
believe ADA has published any 'propaganda' regarding their style or
products. Now I will clear a few things up

This substrate additive comes in 2 flavors, regular and Special. The Special
contains Bactor 100 and Clear Super. Bactor 100 helps to jump start the
substrate with beneficial bacteria, and Clear Super helps to clear the water
faster when it is first set up. By weight Power Sand is mostly made of Peat
and Pumice. Power Sand does _not_ contain any clay. I believe Mr. Dixon has
Power Sand mixed up with Aqua Soil. Power Sand is very organic in content.
When the bag is first opened it is moist and dark in color. Looking through
a bag I have found little pieces of decomposing wood/bark and even small
quantities soil. The micronutrients that Luca was referring to is the
complex relationship with the substrate and the plant roots secretion of
amino acids and carbohydrates. ADA does not impregnate Power Sand with and

--Filtration Media-
According to ADA, and other publications, Bamboo Carbon will leech little in
the way of phosphates, as apposed to traditional activated carbon. Amano
only uses activated carbon during the first few weeks that the tank is set
up after which it is removed and replaced with either Bio Rio or Bio Cube.

Green Brighty Step 1 does contain iron, just not too much of it. Too much
iron is almost as bad as too little, especially in a new tank. According to
ADA's 1999 catalog Step 1 contains a little iron with a whole bunch of
micronutrients. Step 2 contains less micronutrients and more iron than Step
1. Step 3 contains the same as Step 2, but with a boost of potassium. Why
does Step 1 or 2 have potassium? So you would buy Brighty K which contains
nothing but potassium carbonate. This allows one to customize a fertilizer
depending on their circumstance.

This brings us to ECA (Efficient Complex Acid). Yes ECA does contain organic
iron. It is a very concentrate mix or organics and amino acids. I use 1 drop
per 10 gallons every day. Maybe too much...that reminds me to test it. Bob
Dixon was kind of right when he said:

<<The clay from the power sand, if chosen correctly, should provide all the
iron necessary.>>

But since Power Sand does not contain clay a alternative must be used. In
step Aqua Soil. This is indeed a iron rich substrate. The Amazonia contains
even more iron than the Africana and the Malaya.

I hope this has cleared some things up. Or maybe it made it more

Ryan Stover
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