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Bad smell revisited

Thank you for your comments regarding a bad odour from my hyper-ventilating

I do not have a high nitrate level, nor is there a blue green algae
infestation - so those two suggestions can be crossed off the list.  The
room is dry and fairly steady in temperature as well.  There is no mold
layer at the water surface or water substrate level.

I do have a bizzare type of mold or agae growing in one location: its almost
transparent, slightly brown in colour, and when looked at on edge closely is
only visible as a slightly cloudy or foggy patch of space.  I've never seen
anything like it in my 20 odd years of aquaristics.  I honestly don't think
this is producing the smell as I had this odour several weeks before the
mold appeared.

Still thinking on this one!

Grant Cockshott
Vice President and Sales Manager
Welders Supplies Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
grantwc at mb_sympatico.ca