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Sterlilizing plants

Lime-It is a product that Arizona Aquatic Gardens promotes as being useful in 
cleaning the plants of parasites, disease etc. (Obviously contains lime).  I 
was also told that a solution of alum and water will accomplish this. I 
cannot testify to the effectiveness of either one. Perhaps someone else has 
experience with either of these?


<< >My lfs often carries some interesting plants that aren't often found >in 
 >Oklahoma (not exactly the mecca for aquarium enthusiasts).  Many >of the 
 >plants I bring back from the store are from tanks that have >fish that are 
 >ill.  Since I can't find a wide variety elsewhere, I >need to sterilize the 
 >plants prior to introduction into a tank.  When >I was first starting out 
 >in the hobby about a year ago, I just rinsed >off the plants and in they 
 >went into the tank.  Unfortunately, after >such an incidence, a number of 
 >my prized rams started dying.  It was >depressing watching them slowly keel 
 >over one by one.  Now, I've >learned my lesson and want to do it correctly. 
 >  I'm reluctant to use >bleach because most of my plants melted the last 
 >time I tried this.  >Therefore, my other alternative would be the use of 
 >potassium >permanganate.  This is especially important since I started a 
 >planted >discus tank.  If you could pass along the info, I would be very 
 > >appreciative.