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Re: sculpturing

It depends on the shape and how much maintenance you wish to do. With
smaller pieces Riccia can be done but is labor intensive. Java moss is very
good for what you wish to do likely.
If the piece is very large then you have more options. The lace type of Java
fern works great for larger pieces. Anubias Bolbitis can be used then also
Then there's always BBA algae.......<g>
Another idea is a mix of different plants to add dimension to the piece.
Tom Barr 

>Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 16:48:18 -0600 
>From: "Berryman, David" <DBerryma at AspenMed_org>
>Subject: Sculpturing question
>If I were to make a figurine from wood and cover it with something like fern
>moss, would that work for sculpturing, or is there some other kind of plant
>that would work better?