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Another Phosphate Question

All this information about controlling Phosphate levels in the tank has
been great.  Thank you Roger for your Phosphate series.  The bottom line
to Phosphate control seems to be that it is easier to prevent the addition
of Phosphate than it is to remove it once present in the tank.

The question I have is: What to do if the source for your water change
water has Phosphate it in already?  My tap water has a Phosphate level of
around 0.2 ppm.  Would running the water through an in-line filter
containing a Phosphate remover like PhosGuard be effective in
significantly reducing the Phosphate levels?  How big would the filter
need to be and how slow would the flow rate need to be to make it worth
running through the filter?


Alex Holeczy (alex at wmi_com)