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Re: KMnO4

>Potassium permanganate is rather powerful stuff, there
>are better alternatives depending on what you are attempting
>to accomplish. PP is a very strong oxidizer, in fact it will
>turn rust back to iron ;)..... I do have the dosage though if
>your still interested, but I'd rather understand your needs first.

My lfs often carries some interesting plants that aren't often found in 
Oklahoma (not exactly the mecca for aquarium enthusiasts).  Many of the 
plants I bring back from the store are from tanks that have fish that are 
ill.  Since I can't find a wide variety elsewhere, I need to sterilize the 
plants prior to introduction into a tank.  When I was first starting out in 
the hobby about a year ago, I just rinsed off the plants and in they went 
into the tank.  Unfortunately, after such an incidence, a number of my 
prized rams started dying.  It was depressing watching them slowly keel over 
one by one.  Now, I've learned my lesson and want to do it correctly.  I'm 
reluctant to use bleach because most of my plants melted the last time I 
tried this.  Therefore, my other alternative would be the use of potassium 
permanganate.  This is especially important since I started a planted discus 
tank.  If you could pass along the info, I would be very appreciative.

>For plant sterilization prior to introduction to your tank,
>a gentle rinsing is normally all that is required. Adding 1 tsp
>salt per gallon and soaking for about 1 - 1 1/2 hours will also
>destroy most critters attempting to hitch a ride.

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