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Supplementing KNO3

>As to how much, you can calculate the precise amount to add based on your 
>tank's volume and the desired concentration, but most of us just experiment 
>until we find the amount that works. Use the PMDD recipe as a starting 
>point. I followed that when mixing my KNO3 (although I don't use PMDD 
>really, I use Tropica MasterGrow and some KNO3).

Here's a little trick for those of you who use Mastergrow (or any other
supplement that comes in one of those neat measuring bottles) and also
supplement with KNO3.  Make up a known solution of KNO3-water.  I use 1/4
tsp KNO3 to 1 oz. of water, since the bottle I use happens to measure in
ounces, but it doesn't matter, as long as you know what you standard
solution is. (write it on the bottle in case you are forgetful, like me.<g>
 Then you can measure an accurate dose simply by squeezing the bottle.  It
doesn't take too much experimenting, (or testing, if you are a test kit
fan) to know how often you have to add how much to a particular tank to
maintain adeqaute levels.