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DIY CO2 info...

Hello All,

I have a DIY CO2 on my tank and it has been working great. My ph is at
6.5 and I
am getting 25ppm on my CO2 reading. I stumbled across something last
night that
might interest the first time DIY CO2 users. It is starting to get cold
at night were I
live about 30F ( I know 30F is summer in some places) and I had to
replace my CO2
mix, I do it every week.

After I mixed it  all up and sealed it tight I noticed that the CO2 was
not pushing the
water through that backs up when I change it. After waiting a couple of
minutes I was
holding the bottle inspecting it for leaks when I noticed that the CO2
was now pushing
itself down the line. I figured GREAT! And I left the bottle alone and
up came the water
again. What I was experiencing was a law of physics I thought I would
never use in life.
Turned out my CO2 bottle needed a blanket. The warmth of my hands on the
of the bottle was making the CO2 expand and when I removed them the gas
would then
contract. So I grabbed a towel from the kitchen and wrapped it around
the top part of the
bottle were the gas is. Seconds later bubbles started.

Just thought I would pass this along!

Cesar Serna