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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1432

on 01:48 PM 12/5/99 , Dave Gombergwrote:

 >Running an airstone during the very late night can remove (redistribute)
 >all kinds of surface junk.  Oily scums, algae (in my case), other trash.
 >I find it very useful in keeping the top clear.  All you need is a cheap
 >timer and a cheap air pump.  Less that $20 total.

Agreed, and on top of that it can save fish from oxygen deprivation in the 
event the plants aren't supplying enough. (This can happen when the plants 
have had a major pruning, when they're not healthy, when the temperature's 
higher than normal, or just when you have too many fish and not enough plants.)

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