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RE: Propagating plants

>To APD readers,
>Can anyone out there tell me if there is a book that give information on 
>aquarium plant propagation? Have bought a bunch of plants from Arizona 
>Gardens that are over growing my tank and would like to propagate them 
>inorder to give to anyone who is interested in them. I just dont want to just 
>cut them back and throw them away.
>Any help or ideas are appreciated.
>Thanks and best regards,
>Tom Smith
>Jamesport, NY

Most books have a good section on pruning and propagation. Did you want to
do vegetative propagation I assume? Your saying that you want to propagate
but not cut back and throw away? Replant the cuttings and the bottom
portions also. Barron's Aquarium Plants Manual is a good little book for
most plant questions and has a decent section on propagation.

Archives have many blurbs on how to grow this or that plant. 

Trimming and maintenance is a good habit we all have neglected at one point
or another<g>.
Culling your plants and taking only the best cuttings for replantings is
good gardening plain and simple. I have a hard time often because I want to
grow every little cutting <g> but I know it'll look better if I don't! Same
goes for good fish breeding practices. But you can have more plants by
replanting the bottom cuttings from the trimming job and keeping the the top
cuttings also.
You'll need more room for this too. Often you just don't have the energy or
time to find a home for them so we toss them.

Trim off that one sickly leaf. A new one will replace it soon. 
I remember when I was afraid to touch most any plant for fear I might kill
it or stunt it once I was able to grow plants submersed. Aquarium Societies
are good places to unload extra plants and also meet with other plant
people. Check into it.
Tom Barr