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Re: Duckweed

Thomas Connors said....

>Going thru the archives looking for algae eating fish I noticed a live
>bearer named Ameca splendens mentioned a few times. I've been looking
>for them for months & finally found a pair at a club auction. Not only
>do they work the algae but I put them in a duckweed infested 20G long. 2
>weeks later, not a trace of duckweed. I hope they breed so I can
>introduce them in my other planted tanks.

They will multiply.

Yesterday my LFS manager was relating how she had finally succeeded
in eradicating a 90 gallon tank of duckweed. She introduced a trio
of Ameca splendens. It's certainly easier than netting each and every
tiny plant. Unfortunately I find that they nibble at some of the fine-
leaved plants. As a control mechanism for hair algae they are o.k.,
but not as good as rosy barbs. It may depend upon the type of hair
algae. Contrary to Matt Kaufman's 1994 account of his experience with
them in a tank full of hornwort, hair algae and duckweed, my fish will
chew at the leaves of hornwort. I'm getting rid of mine very soon.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca