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fungusy problem

I have a planted 30 gallon tank with 8 water lotus (these things multiply
like crazy.  Started out with 3 about 9 months ago.  Then they went dormant
and made baby bulbs.), 2 amazon sword, hygrophila polysperma, aponogeton
ulvaceous and crispum and a few crypts.  Up till relatively recently there
was only one female Bolivian ram in the tank, but I've added male guppies
for grow out reasons.  While there was only the one fish, I took the filter
off and just used a mini-jet powerhead to circulate the water.  Now I've got
a whisper filter on it with carbon in the filter for now to try to get rid
of what appears to be a white fungus that grows on the leaves of the
aponogetons, the crypts and the cut stems of the pruned Amazons.

Right now, there is plenty of circulation because I've left the powerhead
going as well.  The tank is lit with a 55 watt compact fluorescent.
Nitrates are about 5mg/l.  Phosphates are low and I do add PMDD to the tank
with every water change which is 50 percent twice weekly.  No CO2.

However, the fungus does not appear to be going away.  Does anyone have any
suggestions as to how I can rid myself of this pest?  I have vacuumed the
substrate carefully to avoid damaging plant roots so it's clean, but to no

G. Kada