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Re: echinodorus rose

roger wrote:
>>So the question is, what in tarnation is E. "Rose" and will it grow
emersed?  This last part of the question I may have an answer to pretty
soon, because it's sitting on my dining table now, in a peat-soil-gravel
substrate under three inches of water, with it's leaves standing pretty as
you please out of the water and above the rim of the fish bowl.  If anyone
else has had something sold as E. "Rose" grow above the water (or not) and
can tell me what it's supposed to look like and how it fared then I'd
appreciate hearing about it.<<

Roger, E.rose is listed in Oriental Aquariums catalog. You can probably see
the picture at pets warehouse as all the pictures on their WEB site are
taken from the catalog. I believe Tropica also lists it. It does look very
simular to osiris and gets some red at the very edges and along the veins,
but not anywhere near as pronounced as osiris.

Its been my experience that nursuries rarely grow any swords submerged. I
have grown "rose" and found it  no more difficult than any other sword. I
havnt grown it emmersed however. I have found some swords to turn much
darker red when they are acclamating from emmersed to submersed. I wonder if
they do the same the other way around?

Robert Paul H
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