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Re: white surface scum

Teachskip writes:

> Help, I have a white surface scum in my planted 55 gallon tank. I 
>  got some advice that it was protein. I bought a protein skimmer and found 
> out 
>  that a skimmer works only in salt water. I have to strain this scum out 
> every 
>  day with a fine mesh net. I tried taking out the freshwater clams, the 
>  Val, and as much dead growth as I could -- nothing worked. I withheld food 
>  and light and that did no good.
>  Any suggestions???
This scum is pretty common in tanks betewen two and six months old.  Lots of 
suggestions have been forwarded on this list.  The simplest seems to be to 
add an airstone to break the surface tension.  Over time, it always 
disappears in my tanks on its own and then it is no longer a problem.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator