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Re: Sodastream CO2 (APDigest V3 #1426)

Re: Sodastream CO2 (APDigest V3 #1426)

Dear Matt

>Has anyone from the UK on this list tried using 'Sodastream' CO2 cylinders as 
>a means of fertilising their aquarium?

I am not from the UK but from Denmark, but we use UK-Sodastream bottles!
I have used them now 25 years! 
The CO2 they contain is absolute pure enough! 
The pressure is high! It is liquid! A little under 60 BAR!
The cylinders do not take a standard sized fitting! That is the main problem!
What I do is that I bye the valve used for the Sodastream machine! I got it
directly from the English manufacture trough the Danish importer!
You can put an air hose direct on the valve! 
The valve can be a little difficult to use without giving too much CO2.
A little practice helps! I have made “some mechanism” to prevent to much
to go in the aquarium!
I use an upside-down small tank to ad the CO2 to my tanks!
But have also used other solutions.
I have also made home-made fittings with variable flow valve, pressure reducing
module etc.
But because of the high pressure it is not easy to get it tight enough! 

This is the cheapest way to get CO2 to smaller tanks!

Good luck!


Claus Christensen           (mailto:clc at tropica_dk)
Tropica Aquarium Plants A/S http://www.tropica.com