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Subject: Snail removal

Hi All,

Add to the list of efficient snail removal fish some of the small puffer
fish. I have a small "Green Puffer", which looks rather like the picture in
one of archives of an Indian freshwater "Red-green Puffer", about an inch
long (but still twice the size from when I got him!) He has done a
remarkable job of cleaning out the majority of the pond snails in the tank,
which was under a population explosion when I put him in. So far he has
pretty much left the Endler's Livebearers, Amano Shrimp and other fish in
the tank more or less alone (he will occasionally go after babies, but is
too shy to stand up to the larger adults.) I assume at some point he will
start getting more aggressive toward these smaller tank mates, but for now
he does his job well. Occassionally he gets snails from other tanks when I
can easily get them out, and it is always entertaining watching him hover
around a snail carefully checking each angle before zooming in for a bite. I
don't know whether he would eat larger snails, or be strong enough to punch
through the operculum of trap-door types, but he works great on the pond

Brett Johnson
Green Man Gardens
bnbjohns at home_com