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Re: CO2 Measurements

"wayne jones" wrote;
>Under these conditions, did your pH
>still drop the same amount when the same
>amount of CO2 was injected when compared
>to the pH drop due to CO2 injection when
>you did not add peat? I am still
>thinking that CO2 concentration can be
>estimated regardless of the presence of
>non-carbonate buffers by comparing a
>sample of tank water that is in
>equilibrium with the atmosphere to a
>sample of CO2 injected tank water. If
>any sample of water in equilibrium with
>the atmosphere has the same
>concentration of CO2 then this would be
>true wouldn't it?

No, I didn't test in the way you suggest. Yes, I think we can always resort 
to the technique you suggest to estimate CO2 regardless of whatever else is 
in the water. I should have tested a sample of aquarium water after stirring 
it until all CO2 is degassed. That would give an idea of how much acid the 
water gets when just peat is added. Unfortunately I already replaced most 
of the peat-treated water in the aquarium by gH = 5 tap water, in a second 
attempt to reduce hardness. pH is back to the normal 6.4 - 6.6 range. If I
add peat for a second time I will monitor the resultts more carefully and
report back to the list.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD