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Re: Feeding time

on 1/12/99 4:42 am, Roger S. Miller at rgrmill at rt66_com wrote:

> The question in this thread probably shouldn't be *how often* one feeds,
> but how much you feed and what you feed.

Maybe ... How much do you reckon a little 1.5 inch tetra could eat? I have
no idea how big its stomach is, but I reckon it is rather tiny. In a large
tank with 100s of the little guys, most of us would try to ensure we put in
enough so that every fish gets something. Based on this assumption, I reckon
most of us would feed (overfeed?) every single time we put in food. Chances
are the fish would overeat. Now if this were true, wouldn't a twice-a-day
regime be a bit much?

> Frequency of feeding alone doesn't address the issue.

Yes it doesn't. The problem is, when we feed, the important thing to
remember is the discipline to feed less, each time we feed. Even I worry
sometimes that my twice-a-week regime isn't enough sometimes. For instance,
I have not been able to keep to "slower" fish successfully in the same tank
as my tetras. Simply because they cannot compete with the hordes of fast
swimming tetras. So, if I were to feed more, then they would surely be able
to survive. But I would be inviting an algae bloom too.

Mark Pan

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