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Please Help!

Hi all!,

I am starting to get a bit of BBA attack.  This has been pretty small so far, 
but the fact that it is starting to spread a little is getting me worried.  
My water had such readings as:  Nitrites - 0; Nitrates - 0; Phosphates - 0; 
Ammonia - 0; Ph - 6.75; GH - 3.5; KH - 8.5; last time I measured the CO2 was 
at about 20 ppm and my Fe was at about .1 ppm.  I will update the final two 
reading (CO2 and Fe) tomorrow morning.  My intentions are not to have all 
those 0 readings (via Tetra, Dupla, Lamotte).  How can I up those things?  
Will that help?  Does the fact that they are 0, make my tank (125 gallon) 
phosphate and nitrate limited?  I did just update my lighting system from 260 
watts to 392 watts a la PC upgrade.  I'm not sure I'm fertilizing correctly.  
Any help would be thoroughly appreciated.