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Re: Shrimp

RDotta7777 wrote:

> Don't know, they never lived long enough for me see a difference.  I had
> in a 125 gallon, and in one week, they were gone.  I had 8 in a 15 gallon
> in two weeks, they were dead.  Notice the difference dead means I saw them
> dead, gone means I never saw them again.

Check your carpet.  Behind the couch, perhaps underneath the occasional
table in the corner... I've found them on windowsills; on the kitchen floor;
and on the carpet as much as 20 feet from the nearest tank.  For a while
after the last large batch that I bought, I had quite a shrimp graveyard
going on between the lights and the top of the tank.

For each batch that I've bought (doesn't seem to matter whether they're
Amano shrimp or ghost shrimp), I would say that half of them make a suicide
jump, a quarter get snacked on in the first few weeks, and the remaining
quarter find a niche and survive for months in the tank.  Don't know whether
a slightly larger shrimp tends to survive, or if it just takes one shrimp
tail stuck in the gullet to convince a fish to give up the effort...

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland
(Just back from Indianapolis... the 'smart farming to save our watershed'
section of the water building at the zoo was interesting, and the
butterflies at the botanical garden were a knockout.  Unfortunately, the
water gardens were sparsely planted, which probably had a lot to do with
their suffocating growth of brown algae).