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RE: Potted plants

> Thanks for everyones replies to my questions about plants in a salted guppy
> tank. Sorry for my delay in posting this, but I have been on a job search.
>  Most of you recommend water sprite as a good plant for this purpose. I will
> have to find some to try. If my fading memory serves me right, water sprite
> has other common names, can you help with what the other names are?

I believe it is also called "Indian Water Star."  This plant should not
be confused with water wisteria which is a member of the hygrophilla
> I want to plant whatever plants I use in these tanks in pots. I need to knoe
> how this can or should be accomplished.

You can go to your local fishstore and ask them for some plastic pots or
you can go to your local gardening store and buy some clay pots which
have a hole in the bottom which allows for the roots to spread.  I would
personally drill a few more.
> Your replies are greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,

Good luck!!!