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Stresscoat and Phosphates?

Does anyone know if Stresscoat contains phosphates?
I have a nasty hair (or maybe beard) algea problem, and
I don't know where the excess phosphates are coming from.

It's a 29g tank, pretty thickly planted, approx 25 inches of
fish, small round rock gravel, no CO2 injection, 40 watts
of light (One grow-lite, one 10K that I got from a salt
water guy -planning on replacing it eventually, but it puts
out a lot of light).   I add Tetra FloraPride fertilizer.

I'm not positive that I've got high phosphates (I don't
have a test kit for it yet).  I do frequent water changes
30%-50% once a week.   I tend to over-use the stresscoat
when doing water changes, added roughly twice the
recommended amount.   I've never noticed any impact on the
fish, but am now wondering if it's contributing to my algae
growth.   I really wish all fishtank additives would show
their chemical analysis so we know what we are really putting
into the tank.

Chuck Gadd
Director of Software Development, Cyber FX Communications
e-mail:cgadd at cfxc_com  http://www.cfxc.com