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Re: gas permeability of silicone tubing

What I was told when I was assembling my CO2 system was that normal air tubing will
get brittle and ruined by the CO2 gas traveling through it.  The silicone tubing was
referred to me as a better choice because it takes the direct gas better than the
other plastic hose.  I am not sure if this isn't like teflon tape, where some people
use it and others don't.  The tubing was pretty cheap, so I didn't really care.

Jennifer Glover
(sunny and now hot Waldorf, MD)

> From: "Shimoda, Wade" <WShimoda at hei_com>
> Subject: gas permeability of silicone tubing
> I noticed that silicone tubing was being recommended for CO2 systems and was
> wondering if anyone considered the amount of CO2 that could be lost through
> the walls of the tubing?
> Wade Shimoda