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Re: Ozelot

> Will this new growth on the top turn into a little plant like some of the
> other Echinodorus I have seen?
Yes, it should

> How long should I let this stalk grow before I cut it?

I just let mine grow until it quits putting out new growth.  As my plant has gotten bigger, it has gone from about 4 whorls (places where the flowers and new plants form) on it's first stalk to it's current number of 7 on the third stalk.  2 plants grow
from each whorl.  Some of the plants on the stalk are worth keeping (4" before I cut them off) and some never quite get going.  They will send up a leaf or two and then quit growing.  This could be b/c most of the growing is occuring in the larger plants
on the plant stalk.

> Is it kind of rare for this plant to be flowering?

I have had one for about 2 months and have has 3 plant stalks.  They all overlapped each other as far as when they appeared.  I use flourite, co2, 2.4w/gallon, PMDD and jobes plant spikes.  The only thing that I would attribute it to would be the extra
nutrients provided by the plant spikes.  Nothing that I would construe as shock conditions.  If that isn't the cause, then it just like to send up flower stalks, which is fine by me.