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Silcone tubing and CO2

At 03:48 AM 6/29/99 -0400, Shimoda, Wade asked:
>I noticed that silicone tubing was being recommended for CO2 systems and was
>wondering if anyone considered the amount of CO2 that could be lost through
>the walls of the tubing?

In my experience, the advantages of silicone tubing (soft (makes good
seal), stays flexible) are more important than any marginal gas loss.

>Or is this not a real concern because of the relatively low pressures we're
>dealing with?  The following site states that "Relatively high gas 
>permeability" is a limitation of silicone tubing.

I have tried pressurizing a long piece of hose and it holds its pressure
overnight, so I think the loss thru the wall is for our purposes
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