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Re: Brown algae

> From: "Jeff Malmquist" <jmalm at uclink4_berkeley.edu>
> Subject: Brown Algae out of control!
> Still the plants refuse to grow.  They grow, but very very slowly.  And I
> don't get the bubbling on the leaves that I hear about.  Even worse, in the
> past week or so, I have gotten a brown algae invasion on my tank.  It is
> creating a thick layer on the sides.  I cleaned the front glass on Friday,
> and its already starting to regrow by Monday.
> I prefer to avoid Oto's or Pleco's.
Sorry, Jeff, but I think the Oto's will be your magic charm. I had two 
tanks infested with brown algae, one was all brown! Five Oto's in a 
55G cleaned it spotless in less than two weeks. They were 
amazing to watch. You could see the clean paths they were 
leaving everywhere, and everyday I would notice a set of rocks or 
wood that was fully cleaned. In no time, it was all gone. I noticed 
you have a array of algae-eating critters, and Oto's should be 
included. They're harmless and are brown algae freaks! 
About your plants not growing, a few more parameters are needed 
besides pH and fish load. It would help narrow down your problems, 
right now it could be a lack of something, or too much of something 
else. Don't fertilize until you're sure!

Jamie Johnson
Greenwood, SC
jjohnson at davisfloyd_com
jjirons at greenwood_net  (home)
fax 864-227-3571