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RE: Need CO2?

> As far as I am concerned, advising a budding aquatic gardener of the need
> for CO2 injection is roughly the equivalent of sending a teenager who has
> just discovered an interest in writing to a graduate-level writing
> workshop... you need to learn the tools before you can be a master of the
> art (although there are exceptions, both among aquatic gardeners and among
> Nebula Award winners), but it sets up an unrealistic, perceived barrier of
> information and skill mastery.

I'll tell you, with me it was quite the opposite. The prospect of dealing
with a couple more gadgets (yeast bottle, CO2 reactor), additional
chemistry relationships (kH-pH-CO2 table), not to mention other aspects
of the game such as substrate recipes, lured me into building my first
"serious" planted aquarium instead of the simpler fish tanks I was used to.
It all depends on how much challenge the person wants from his/her hobby.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD