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Re: CO2 gone quickly

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 13:33:09 -0400
From: Johan Henckens <johan at mmdg_org>
Subject: Re: CO2 gone quickly

> Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 13:17:38 -0700
> From: Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>
> Subject: Re: CO2 gone quickly
> WOW!
> All the experts here advising the use of Teflon water-pipe tape make me
> nervous about saying this:
> Don't do it!
> Teflon cold-flows a bit and acts as a lubricant in threaded joints, so it
> can actually help stop leaks. It's refusal to "wet" is why it is used for
> *water* pipes and other liquids. Never, ever use it on high-pressure gas
> lines.
> The problem is that the tendency to shred can cause a catastrophe when
> bits eventually leak into a needle valve or regulator. It is better on the
> low-pressure side of a regulator, but I'll use pipe compound there, rather
> than risk a dead needle valve. Flare or compression fittings are better
> anyway, for such service.
> I learned this over 30 years ago, when I worked for HP Labs in Palo Alto.
> After several disasters, it became company policy that teflon tape was not
> to be used on any dry fitting, ever. AFAIK, the reason is still valid,
> today. You may get away with it for years, but then...

I have to agree that pipe compound is the better way to go but:
30 years is a long time ago and stores now sell teflon tape for gas
connections.  I used it to connect my regulator to my gas bottle and I
haven't had any problems.  The tape is much thicker than regular tef and
is yellow as opposed to the usual white.
Shredding is usually the result of either backing up while screwing the
fittings togehter or the use of too much tape.  When properly applied
the tape should make a leak tight connection.
Also make sure to remove all old tape or any other dirt from both
connection ends when redoing the connection.  Awooden tooth pick comes
in handy here.
I don't know about the general availability of the yellow tape but I
know Home Depot carries it.

johan at mmdg_org

I concur with Johan. The yellow tef tape is made specifically to meet the
demands of natural gas and should be well suited to your task. It's also
available at our True Value Stores here in upstate N.Y.

                                       Bill G
                         assistant manager Noble True Value