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Re: Need CO2? (old thread)

> If you come to believe, like most of us here, that you need CO2 injection
> have good plant growth, then you don't have the right equipment. To get

I know this is an old thread, but...

I strongly disagree with the idea that "you need CO2 injection to have good
plant growth".  You can achieve more robust growth with CO2... but it is
quite possible to achieve a beautiful, heavily-planted tank without CO2
supplementation, with more growth than your average working person wants to

If had inquired about keeping aquatic plants before trying to grow them, and
been told that "you need CO2 injection to get good growth", it just might
have killed my interest in the hobby.

As far as I am concerned, advising a budding aquatic gardener of the need
for CO2 injection is roughly the equivalent of sending a teenager who has
just discovered an interest in writing to a graduate-level writing
workshop... you need to learn the tools before you can be a master of the
art (although there are exceptions, both among aquatic gardeners and among
Nebula Award winners), but it sets up an unrealistic, perceived barrier of
information and skill mastery.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland
...who just made $50 at an auction from the clippings of an overgrown,
non-CO2 injected tank.