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Re: online aquatic gardening sites or something like that

>Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 00:41:56 -0500
>From: "kat raddatz" <moondncr at worldnet_att.net>
> my favourite www.malloftheworld.com/aquarium/
>plus others -those are the only two I know off the top of my head & I'm not
>online right now, it's not my turn ;^ )  (we have more than 1 'puter)

Hey kat, fancy meeting you here ;-)

Wingate is free or nearly so. Sygate and Proxy+ are both free. You should be
able to find network cards for ~$20.00 each (you don't need the $100.00
ones) and you should be able to get a crossover network cable in any length
you desire from numerous local stores. Then both computers can go on-line