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Re: Heloise responds...

Bob Dixon is having a domestic cleaning crisis...

> notice behind the tank was the two brown spots growing on the wall from
> incidental foam fractionation which was going on in the lift tubes, and
> atomizing as the bubbles broke at the top.  I removed the filter a while
> and ignored the wall, because I couldn't find anything to clean the DOCs
> the wall.  This week I had to move the tank over about a foot-and-a-half,
> now the spot on the right is showing.  Any suggestions on how to get this
> wall clean without painting it?

TSP (Tri-Sodium-Phosphate) should do the trick. You will find it in any good
hardware store which sells paint and painting supplies. It is dirt cheap and
you mix it with water. Use rubber gloves - its caustic. And DON'T get any of
it in your aquarium!

James Purchase
(A.K.A. Heloise's husband)