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growing Barclaya longifolia


I've checked all over my Barclaya and I have can't find the instructions
printed on it anywhere!  What should I do?

For some time now I've trimmed off every flower bud I can find.  To the
best of my knowledge I haven't allowed a bud to mature in well over a
year, but I suddenly have seedlings all over my tank.

How long do the seeds remain dormant?  Did they really sit around my tank
for 18 months or so before germinating, or did one of the plants sneak a
bud in on me?

Now that I have all these bouncing baby Barclayas, what's the best way to
get them up to tradeable size?

The parent(s) incidentally, are doing fine.  After I started trimming off
the buds and resolved a couple nutrient problems the plants extended their
leaves all the way to the water surface in my 55 gallon tank.  Now the
original plants and their oldest offspring fill one end of the tank.  A
very nice family group.

Roger Miller