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RE: CO2 gone quickly

Pat wrote:

>Date: 25 Jun 99 12:15:48 HKT
>From: Patrick Ng <nghakkong at netscape_net>
>Subject: CO2 gone quickly
>Dear all,
>I'm using a 1500g CO2 gas tank together with a Dupla "Armatur Delta" CO2
>regulator. I set the bubbling rate at 1 bubble/sec and the gas tank this size
>should last for at least half an year (from my personal experience). However,
>my CO2 used up within a month or so. My question is what possibly went wrong
>with my CO2 system. I have a commercial CO2 reactor, check valve and plastic
>tubing connected to the system. Is gas leakage a possible cause of the
>and how do I find out where the leakage is?
>Anyone can shed some light on it?

I see bad a pun coming, noooooo!!!! Don't do it!

As for the CO2...
I don't know if an unobservable leak could use that much CO2.  If you
suspect a leak, you should put your face right up to the connections.  Your
facial skin is very sensitive to the slightest breeze and you may be able
to hear it.  If you still suspect a leak, there is a product called SNOOP.
It's in a round bottle about 1 1/2" round with a hound dog on the side.
It's basically a soapy liquid that makes a LOT of bubbles when gas is
passed through it.  The nice thing about SNOOP, unlike home soap solutions,
is that it comes out with no bubbles like an oil and only bubbles when
there is a leak.  Where can you find it?  I would try plumbing, HVAC
(Heating,Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) departments and/or the place
where you get your bottles refilled might have some.

darin simmons
wondering if Santa Barbara will break 75 *sometime* this summer