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plant selection

I have a 90gal tank. What plants are suitable for the back of the 
aquarium. The height is 21 inches (54 cm)
Also the back four inches from the back wall and from the top is an 
area with lower light levels. I have tried various stem plants in the 
past (H. polysperma) but I have problems with the plants growing 
toward the middle and the brighter light levels. I have V. gigantea 
and V. spiralis in a back corner and was thinking of moving these 
plants toward the back-center. However as you may guess I already 
have a "problem" with the V. gigantea  growing from the left side all 
the way to the right (48 inches). So I am looking for plants that 
will 1.) grow straight up and not crowd my shorter more showy and 
light hungry plants in the mid and foreground. 2.) Not throw off 
adventitious shoots that snake through-out ( I hate Limnophila 
aquatica ).  3.) I don't want an entire 48" of Vallisneria.

Also, I think aquaria in plant books and on the various web sights 
must be short, less than 18 inches. I would appreciate any advice on 
planting specific for Taller tanks. Specifically keeping lower leaves 
on stem plants in the mid-ground ( about 10-18 inches tall) and 
maintaining tight groups. And getting foreground plants to grow. I 
think those first 4 inches from the front pane is light deficient. 
And so you know I have 4 110W  bulbs for light.

Thanks I have been lurking here since my undergrad years circa 1994 :)

Larry Jones
Medical Student