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Wheres my nitrogen?

	I have a recently set up 30g tank. I'd call it moderately planted
with a few swords, 1 Crypt (nevillii) some ludwigia, some haigrass, rotala
and some bacopa. The plants are doing fine (especially the rotala, ludwigia
and bacopa).

	Eight days ago I added for cycling, one (chinese?) algae eater one
small kribensis and 5 (now 3 - bad krib!) ghost shrimp. After 8 days I still
have no testable levels of Ammonia NO2 or NO3. Can the plants be using all
the nitrogen in the tank? Will my filter ever get established if this is
the case? Am I in the unusual situation of having too few fish during
cycling? I have been feeding the fish plenty, unfortunately the food
seems to be a waste for the most part since the krib never eats. He seems
much happier with dead/dying leaves off the plants which is probably
advantageous anyway..

		Thank You,