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Planted guppy tanks

At those levels, many plants will be able to thrive despite the salt.  I
keep a 65 gal guppy tank with about 1tblsp. salt/3 gal water in it and
despite the salt and ug filter, things are growing well.  The main
problem I would see in your tank for a plant would be the glass marbles
as substrate.  Java moss, java fern (if you anchor it to something), and
hornwort would all be okay with the poor substrate and all three are
doing well in my tank.  I particularly like the hornwort and java moss as
they provide excelent hiding places for the smallest of fry and you will
quickly notice that many of the young will nibble on these plants between
meals.  I also keep Valisiniria, Hydrocotle leucocephala, and an
Aponogeton ulvaceus hybrid with _great_ results and have Hydrocotyle
difformis, cabomba (new), a small grassy plant (species unk.), and a true
dwarf lily that do well, but but have never threaten to take over the
tank.  If you're serious about plants, change the bottom, if you just
want to improve aesthetics and provide a hiding place for the young, I'd
go with java moss for the bottom and hornwort as a floating hiding place.
 Contact me off list if you'd like to know more about my set-up, I work
hard to give a "natural feel" to my guppy and Endler's livebearers tanks.
Amelia in Albuquerque, where clouds and the weather man are teasing my
hopes for rain.
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.--Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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