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RE: New Tank...need help

>Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 12:06:54 -0500
>From: DL <liongold at ionet_net>
>After reading a few posts, I have a couple of questions.  I have a two
>empty 30 gallon fish tanks that have been cycling without fish since early

so you're adding ammonia to keep the biofilter going?

>spring when the goldfish went out to the ponds.  I would like to set them
>up with plants. These tanks both have undergravel filter with powerheads
>and  about 3-4 inches of aquarium gravel.  They also have outside
>biofilters as well as an extra double air pump with diffusers. As you can
>tell, I believe in LOTS of filtration for my fish.  However, is this the

If you come to believe, like most of us here, that you need CO2 injection to
have good plant growth, then you don't have the right equipment. To get lots
of CO2 to dissolve in your water you want your water to be very still at the
surface. Don't worry that the CO2 will displace the O2 that the goldfish
will need. CO2 and O2 are independantly soluble in water (for our intents
and purposes). Light and CO2 will lead to good plant growth which will
result in plenty of dissolved O2 (saturating the water with the maximum O2
content is not unusual).

>Question...Can I keep these in the pots and bury them in the gravel?

I prefer to take them out of the pots and if they are planted in rockwool or
other hydroponic medium, I remove as much as possible without breaking the
roots. If they are planted in soil I keep it. Some people keep the pot and
all. Which looks better to you?

>One last question...should I put a plecotumus cat in the tank for bottom

Not if you plan to bring the goldfish back later. Don't try to mix goldfish
and plecos since there have been many reports of plecos that develop a taste
for GF slime coating and start sucking/rasping on the GF. The fancy GF are
usually to slow to do anything about this. Besides, GF are the best fish
around for bottom cleaning.