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new with plants

>From: "MARC RADLE" wrote:
>Subject: Re: : Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1109
>Good point. I have a 48 gallon hex tank and a small 15 gallon tall tank. Both
>have "normal" light (whatever it came with...). The temp. in both is around 75
>degrees F. I want it to look nice, but mainly I want the benefit of the added
>oxygen, additional food supply as well as stress reducing places for fish to
>hide. There is some water movement, caused by an air pump hooked up to one of
>those air curtains. Both are filtered by the appropriate sized Penguin Bio
>wheel power filter.
>Did I miss anything?


Well, you could have checked the lighting to say whether it is flourescent
or incadescent and what the bulb wattage is.

However, your set-up sounds very "un-planty" to me. You will probably be
able to keep Java Fern, Java Moss and Anubias alive as they are very hardy
and don't require a lot of light... but they are not going to thrive.
Marbles will be hopeless as a substrate so you will have to put the Anubias
on a piece of wood or some porous rock. On second thought Anubias is an
expensive plant so I think you should stick to Java Fern which should also
be anchored to a piece of wood or rock. Buy some plant fertilizer to add to
the water weekly.

If you really want to get into growing plants you will need to change your
tank set-up substantially.

in Vancouver