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Flourite growth

 Moishe Wasserman wrote:
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1110

>MY shipment arrives tommorow :)
>Have you seen a difference in plant growth with flourite???  And no, I'm
>not trying to save money, although I am trying tto save long term - that
>is, my plants will do well and I won't have to buy new ones :)  I am
>planning on purchasing a second-hand 120 gallon tank, I was thinking 20
>bags would be enough.  Am I right?

Well, seems that just like with other substrates some plants take off and
others sit there. My sword plants grew right away and then stopped. Except
for a barthii that is very big and red and unstoppable. Common stem plants
like hygofillia polysperma and rotala rotundiflora grow like mad. Crypts
grew very well and then melted when I got slack on the fertilizer. They are
coming back now. All the plants, however, have terrific roots... even those
that seem to not be doing well. I will probably suppliment the swords with
jobes sticks or plant tablets.

As for the amount: it tells you on the bag how much to use per gallon.

in Vancovuer