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Re: Possible Potassium Deficiency

>Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 19:48:09 -0400
>From: Jennifer Glover <jglover at autometric_com>
>leaves always start at the ends and progress down to the base.  I would
imagine that
>a hungry pleco would nibble everywhere and not just at the ends.

I dunno... He may go for the newest (tenderest?, tastiest?) growth first.

>Sorry, I was so good about describing my tank and then forgot the most
>thing!  I have a 300 watt halogen shop light (two bulbs at 150 watt)
hanging over an
>open top tank.  There are two ruffled sword plants, one directly under a
light and

Maybe you're cooking them! Or it could be poor spectrum. How high above the
tank are these lights?