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Re: Nutrient Deficiency

Jennifer Glover <jglover at autometric_com> wrote:
> I have observed what may be a potassium deficiency in my sword plants and I was
> wondering if someone could help me out with a verdict.  Small holes appear in the
> ends of the leaves and these holes get larger and more appear over time.  New growth
> is unaffected by these holes, only older leaves.  The rest of the plants in the tank,
> some Crypts, stem plants like hygrophila, liliopsis, 4-leaf clover, java fern,
> wysteria, and dwarf sag all seem fine.  The two types of swords affected are
> Echinodorus major (ruffled) and Echinodorus parviflorus v. "Tropica".  [snip]
> Tank Setup:
> and a gold-nugget pleco that I see every month or so)

Not much you can do about it aside from move either the Swords or the
Pleco to another aquarium. The Pleco loves to rasp on the older leaves
of a Sword plant, ANY Sword plant. I can't even keep E quadricostatus or
pygmy chain sword with my pair. Strangely they don't bother much else
although I think the large Plecos will munch H difformis.

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