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Guppies & Plants

I  have been lurking and learning in the background for awhile and want to 
say that this site has been extremely helpful. Most of the comments are very 
intellegent and thoughful. So THANK YOU to the group who take the time to 
answer all the questions that are asked of you. I am also impress with the 
international mix of people that are on this list, this is truly a global 

Now after all that butter here is the bread!

I have just recently started to raise and breed  show  guppies. What I would 
like to do is not have such a sterile tanks as seems to be the norm in the 
breeder circles of guppies. Most breeder keep their tanks empty, except for a 
box filter with marbles & floss. Althought I love the site of my half black 
yellow guppies, I miss having plants and other natural items in the tank. 

My questions are what common plants will tolerate salted water (1tbs per 5 
gallons)? Most of the plants I have tried (hygrophlia, Frill and others) seem 
to melt. Are there any plants that will tolerate salted water and give cover 
to the babies from a hungry mother? Is Ricca or Java moss a good choice, I 
have not tried them yet. How would you recommend planting in small pots? Any 
other suggestions on how to raise guppies in a more natural/planted tank 
would be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance for your help and consideration. I also want to say the