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Ca deficiency

While we're on the topic of deficiencies.  I thought I'd throw in a question 
of my own.
(following Jennifer's example)
20 gallon high
pH 7.8 kH 8 gH 5
4W per gallon flourescent lighting
Nitrates 25 mg/l (high fish load)
Soil/Peat substrate (with some osmocote)
(obligatory image)

My pic is not near as good as Jennifer's, but you may notice the slightly 
curving leaves of the sword plant to the right.
The mystery is that I've got a high gh/kh/ph that i have yet to be able to 
reduce with CO2 additions.  In addition to the supposed Ca def. this 
particular plant also shows signs of Mg def if i don't add a tsp (cut to 1/2 
lately) of epsom salts weekly with the water changes (an important note i 
left out of the above)
How is it that i can have such a high alkalinity/hardness and still observe 
signs of both mg/ca deficiencies???
BTW the MgSO4 additios do make a diff. in the color of the sword plant, but 
if i add too much a (seeming) K def develops in my alternathera.
(the pic of this is not very good, but you might be able to see the "burn 
holes" which I equate with K def)
Any help would be appreciated.
Joe Anderson

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