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Moishe wrote:
Have you seen a difference in plant growth with flourite???  And no, I'm
not trying to save money, although I am trying tto save long term - that
is, my plants will do well and I won't have to buy new ones :)  I am
planning on purchasing a second-hand 120 gallon tank, I was thinking 20
bags would be enough.  Am I right?

10 to 14 bags should be plenty for a 120 gallon tank. 
The main difference is the root growth and the roots tend to grow INTO the
Flourite unlike the lapis lustar 2-3mm sand or others that are rounded in
shape compared to the Flourite which I would describe as scree. The roots
actually attach to each individual piece of Flourite and hang on for dear
life. Large swords can be diffficult(more so) to remove in the Flourite.
Dave's Turface sounds very good also if you mix some soil amendments in
there also.  
 I've rinsed and played with getting the Flourite clean but 3 good rinses
seem to take care of the cloudiness after you place it in the tank. I first
sat down and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed to get it very clean but It
settles down after a just a few rinses quickly. Needn't waste your time and
water rinsing the stuff over and over.
    Using the Flourite will simplify your substrate and make it one less
problem to worry about.
More( or as ) important is the CO2 and Lighting. Get that balance right and
add your trace elements with regular water changes and low fish load and
you'll never buy plants for a new tank again. You'll be selling and giving
away plants  like myself and other's on the list.
I have buckets(5gal) full aleast every month. 
    Enjoy the Flourite!
Tom Barr